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A heart with a thousand words to say.
Every quarrel doesn't make my heart grow stronger but in fact it's making me understand how vulnerable a person could be.
It's time to upgrade my level of tolerance and start widening my narrow heart.

school blues
1-4 Stuck in school, friends with books.
5-7 Lay back relax

Shut your eyes and imagine the days after this huge hurdle

i'm gonna work and earn atleast 2k to last me for my whole holiday

i want a dog

prelims = die

fifi sucks really sucks
im being left alone now at home i was never very important/ im immature/ im unreasonable/ im noisy/ im bad/ im petty/ im ugly
i always get scolded for meddling in everything
i always get scolded for being a busybody
fifi says im fat
fifi says im flat

im gonna emo im gonna die

party on national day
im taking a break from all the studying
im going

i stayed back for chemistry today
mdm sharifah asked me if i would get an A1 for science
*mumbled to myself and giggled*

she ordered me to get an a1 wow thanks for looking up to me lol

so many things to memorise

kill me.


im gonna let my soul leave my body now

tell me the best way to lift my spirits

will someone sing you are not alone by michael jackson for me please?

no wonder they always say you can't tie a person down forever

all will become well after a good sleep friday is the best day because there's pe and we end school early cheers

ok bye

Adrian's 14th birthday.

Woooooo! hello everybody, i'm back from my brother's chalet! Gave school a miss today ços i really have to replenish my energy. Had a good sleep and i'm gonna start on my homework soon! Caught Half blood prince @ ehub on saturday night, this one was really disappointing compared to the rest. 9/11 of us slept in the theatre. We were feeling super lethagic after 2 hours of cycling to changi and back to chalet. Moreover our movie is 2am in the morning.

Had 3 days of barberque food. That explains why my throat is feeling so sore now. It's really a nice get together with all of them. Especially when we got our alexander the great to perform his satanic act waking my brother's and his friends up as early as 7am in the morning.

Dear fifi is sleeping soundly on my bed now. He dragged himself to school today and came over to look for me. Poor little fifi, must be so tired after wrapping himself like a mummy last night with toilet paper and blanket -.- Look @ the pictures below!

Bottoms up :)



Isn't she pretty? This is sophie. We call it phiephie.

Hao refused to get me a dog. So he willingly wants to be my little fifi. Look at how he submerged himself into my princess bed. Haha, fortunate little fifi.

(no subject)
i am waiting for the arrival of mr tan eefan, my physics tutor for today.
He's late. Very very very late!

Poor little boy was sick for whole two days finally he's okay! :)

He started talking to his stomach.
" Aiyooooo... what have i done to you... i'm sorry that i don't feed you on time everytime you needed food. I'm sorry for being such a lazy boy... Now the food is right infront of you, arent you very hungry? Come on... Dont say no to the food... "

When he sneezes he started talking to his nose.
" Aiyoooo.... My nose, what do you want from me now? Sorry for not taking care of you... I promise i'll take care of you from now onwards okay..."

Perharps when someone is down with fever, their brain gets cocked up.

Dear god, please let my aklly be happy. She haven't been going down for recess. Though i see her in school but there are very little chances for us to talk. One day, she sat down. I can sense that she's upset, but her problem is too complex for me to even tell her what to do. I hope everything will be all right for her.

Dear god, please let my babybaby be happy too. I don't wish to see her goodnight messages so emoweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! I know you're tired. Breaking down isn't something to be ashamed off, not standing up after a fall is. So i can only give you all my support you need. You gotta think for yourself alright! You gotta lose something before gaining something even better.

And to the rest of my classmates. Wish you guys the best in olevels. I need to catch up with you all. I don't want to be the only one crying when i get my results :)

alright he's here! bye!


For more pictures, www.blunt-bullet.blogspot.com


Where i belong where i keep my heart and soul
This is home truly ~

Hunney's going back to school tomorrow like finally after so long. It was a last minute decision that we all headed down to club at St James, Tribute to Mj. We stopped our decaying at 201 and took the last train down. It wasn't a wrong choice. Last hour was a blast. Even cheeboon enjoyed it so much. I'm broke, very broke )':

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'm so gonna work full time the minute my o's are over. $$$$$$$$ to go overseas. $$$$$$$$$$ to go anywhere everywhere. $$$$$$$$$$$ to buy loads of nonsense! $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to get a car! How excited.

May you rest in peace, Michael Jackson. I heard that you are a legend. Your voice, your moves, your concerts, your fans, your passion towards children. King of pop, goodbye. 

Happy yi nian yi ge yue dear ~ 
From yong yuan ai ni de wo.

Everybody wan an!

Last week of holidays
Time passes so quickly, this is my last week to enjoy before school starts. Rather stressed up by the fact that it's only 4 months to Os. I've been too busy with facebook and dota to even blog. Initial plan was to club at butterfact today, but the lastest cases of swine flu came from there so yeah better be safe than sorry, heard that the event was postponed or cancelled. Ha.

Life has been rather mundane. I dont call it slacking, i call it spending quality time with my dearest people. Talking about everything under the sun, myths/history/religious beliefs/scientific explanations, we have a great guy with great wisdom who shares such things with us, i'm really astounded by yifan who spends time watching only documentary. I felt damn inferior!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since the bridging lessons are over, i never had a chance to see my dear akl because her honey is back from some other country already. Bet she's enjoying every moment with her love just like me! I know i'm a lil' selfish to always keep little boy 24hours by my side. 

I do not have any new pictures to post!!!!!!!!!!!
Plain page with lots of words


Michelle, Keefe & Pauline =)
Attended keefe's bbq party on friday, he's going on very fine with Vanessa. Having such a good girlfriend would have been his best birthday present i guess.


Life have been rather fair. It's time to know who are the ones for you. Friends are just a part of your life. Sometimes words doesn't really count much. Some people can constantly repeat how important you are to them in their life but they chunk you aside eventually, it's time to wake up and move on. Look at those who have been keeping it low and deep down in their hearts how much you really meant to them. Look at what he/she does. Is he/she the one who will stick with you till the end? You have got yourself someone true to you. I can see that. So just stick to her, you'll go far.

You don't need alot of friends because the more friends you have the more troubled you will be. Their problems will soon be yours. So why get in such situation? Wise up. There'll be people who appreciates whatever you do however there are ingrates too. May god bless you in all the decisions you make =)

Take every mistake as a lesson learnt. Same goes to my dear girl who is undergoing an operation of healing her broken heart. Broken by a useless man. She knew she deserves so much better but awwww l-o-v-e is blind so she got injured in the process. It's unfair to grant you with such a soft-heart. A very big disadvantage to girls especially.

I've nagged enough, preached enough. Back to facebook!!!! Do join me in Mafia Wars and Add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


best part of me is you

I am very affected by the frigging hot weather these days. I can feel my skin drying up very quickly and my body dehydrates at twice the normal speed. Gave school a miss on monday and tuesday just to celebrate zhaowei's birthday.

The chalet wasn't well-planned at all.
The night before was clubbing at stjames powerhouse, we queued for two and half hours just to get in the dancefloor which was so squeezy. A dwarf would have died in there due to the lack of oxygen. By the time we cabbed back to the chalet after the event, totally drained. I slept almost immediately the minute i touched the bed with honey lying right beside me.

Woken up by the signel " ASS CRACK " by Eefan Alex Johnny. It's an inside joke and people like zhaowei who didnt have any idea what's ass crack all about woke up with his hands and legs all locked up by the rest and the best part was eefan's naked buttocks went smashing straight into his face. The male lead actually left us with our own devices, rotting in the chalet.

Drinking session at night. Once again the male lead disappears and a series of unfortunate events started.

Putting aside the chalet.


It's my one year with honey on the 7th, he spent a hard time cracking his brain of what to get for me. He knew i wanted a surprise and he didn't expect that i knew it all along he was planning something for me but he didn't carry out his plan eventually ); what a disappointment.

But whatever it is the best part of me has always been you.
It isn't easy tolerating all your mistakes.
It's not easy giving in to me most of the time.
It's not easy coming up with many things just to make me happy.
It's not easy to give me the best that i ever wanted.
It's not easy to not keep anything from me.
It's not easy to restrict yourself from doing things that i hate.
It's not easy to change that temper of yours.
It's not easy waking up to accompany me back home from school so faithfully.
It's not easy making it up after every fights.
It's not easy to pacify me after every cold war.
It's not easy to build up so much beautiful moments with you. 
It isn't easy to fufill expectations of an absolute boyfriend. 

Grabbing me tight whenever i threw tantrums at you.
Turning around to hug me whenever you have a nightmare.
Kissing me when you wake up in the morning

You dont have to whisper sweet nothings into my ears
just a simple i love you will do.
I dont always receive sweet messages from you
just a simple i miss you will do.

Holding my hands whenever we go out in a group,
Keeping me close to you everytime.
Always making it clear to me that i'm the girl for you, will do.

by going an extra mile for me everytime,
i know i need you.

A different type of happiness. A feeling so strong and secure.

I feel very annoyed.
Wanted to sleep after a game of dota, (i'm trying so hard to learn) but that shitty computer of mine can't even support the programme. So laggy! O level chinese tomorrow.
This adds on to why i'm feeling so moodless.

I'm troubled by many insignificant stuffs.
I have never felt like this for a long period of time already, ever since i'm always so happy with hao.
Like wanting to keep to myself instead...
Like wanting to speak nothing, hear nothing, have nothing.
I don't know if you call it an emotion which cannot be expressed out in words.
But this feeling is coming back. I guess the only person who knows about this is, Pauline.

You know,
whenever this feeling comes, my breakup is next.

This coming sunday which is seven days from now. Zhaowei will be celebrating his 18 year old birthday. He's having a chalet. This also indicates a year together with my boyfriend. Look at how time flies.

Jumped upon this. Style right, a rockstar wannabe.


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